Port of Paralia - Sunrise
Pieria -Panteleimonas beach
Pieria -Nei Poroi
Pieria -Flamigos-wetland of Agathoupoli
Nea Agathoupoli - ducks
Pierian Mountains


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Pieria holds a unique place in Greece.
It has the advantage of being under the shade of the holy mountain Olympus, the primary symbol for the entire Hellenism being the residence of the Gods of the ancient Greeks.
It also has the equal advantage of having the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea and beautiful clean beaches, which every year receive a number of blue flags from the EEC for their high standard. Her ancient ruins and museums in Dion, Livethra, Korinos and possibly all over the region, made Pieria one of the most historically significant regions in Greece.

Due to this unique position, a number of tourists choose our area for their holidays each year. The accommodation facilities are all of excellent quality and that is the reason we see many of the same tourists coming back the following year. We are sure that once you visit Pieria you will fall in love with its beauty and its people that you will keep coming back.

 Come visit us and experience the sun, the sea and the mountains and re-live the Golden Age of Greece through its monuments and ancient ruins.