Port of Paralia - Sunrise
Pieria -Panteleimonas beach
Pieria -Nei Poroi
Pieria -Flamigos-wetland of Agathoupoli
Nea Agathoupoli - ducks
Pierian Mountains

About Us

Welcome to one of the most attractive and historically significant areas of Northern Greece, our beautiful Pieria (Olympus Riviera).

Our firm is located in the heart of a wonderful location, Pieria, providing the visitor the beauty of its majestic mountain, Olympus, clear and beautiful beaches and a taste of ancient history in its many ancient monuments. Pieria offers everything a visitor needs for an enjoyable and memorable holiday. In its numerous beach resorts (Paralia Beach, Olympic Beach, etc) one can find fantastic beaches, beautiful hotels and apartments, a large number of inexpensive restaurants and local taverns, a thriving shopping center, a wide range of entertainment amenities, sport facilities and a health center.

 Our firm has been specializing in incoming tourism for a number of years and our experienced multilingual staff (English, Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, and Greek.) are in a position to provide services in all relevant areas such as hotel, pension, apartments reservations, transfers, excursions, currency exchange and car and motorbike rentals.

Finally we are providing inexpensive accommodations for this season, with reduced prices. Of course, more expensive and luxurious accommodations or accommodation in camping sites are available to suit your desires


Lemonas Travel wishes you an enjoyable stay at Olympus Riviera!!!!!